Holy Fuck- Congrats on the Album Review

Holy Fuck- Congrats on the Album Review

It’s been a while, Holy Fuck. 6 Years to be exact?

Since their last album Latin in 2010, the Electronica Band hailing from Toronto seemed pretty quiet. I mean let’s be honest; 2010 seems like yesterday- but the reality is that 6 years is actually quite a long time. And silence is surprising coming from a band whose albums I like to listen to on the highest volume possible. The shear noise from Latin is pure inspiration. Seriously, fellow synesthetes, the colors that come streaming through my head can only begin to describe the feelings of listening to this band and this style of music. It may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly for me. And with a smile on my face I say that their new album Congrats holds up to that justice.

Holy FuckI think more than ever I can hear the influence of Krautrock from older days channel through this band. The slow buildups, experimental ambience, and repetitive drum beats in a mix of noise, followed by fast guitar rifts that border funk is actually quite reminiscent of bands like Neu! and Faust, albeit put through a metal processor. Just listen to the first track, Chimes Broken, with Krautrock on the mind and you’ll totally understand what I’m saying. The whole weirdness that surrounds this band though is what really grabs me. I have a hard time grasping sounds that are similar. Battles could be one; but in a world where genres start to sound the same sometimes, I like to say this stands out. The thought of those two touring together, though. Throw in Three Trapped Tigers and I’m already melting.


One thing I would like to mention though is despite sounding like Holy Fuck, I feel it holds back a little. Maybe I’m saying this wrong. Maybe cleaned up is more of what I’m trying to describe. Maybe in that 6 years of album absence they put an emphasis on this. Despite being an insane album I do have to say it’s much more accessible comparing to their 2005 album. Xed Eyes is a good example of this. The video though will have you questioning otherwise.

To quote a top Youtuber:

This is what happens when you put acid into your harddrive.

Listen, I understand this music is not for everyone, but it’s surely worth a shot. And with that I present a 30 second preview for you to quickly absorb up.

What did you guys think/ experience? Leave a comment below.