Kristin Control X-Communicate

Kristin Kontrol– X-Communicate Album Review

It seems in the latter half of the twenty-tens things are taking a dive backward…

With myriad artist releasing albums containing full on nostalgic beats and synths from the 80’s, we can hardly even call square-synthed pop a timed genre anymore. Yes it’s true, the 80’s seemed to have transcended from not just an era of time, but an aesthetic that is used more and more in modern day music. All over the web and radio you can hear modern DJ’s/ Musicians rejoice and revel in an era no one mainstream would believe to come back and make waves in the industry once more. A decade ago we might have even laughed at the idea.  And yet here we are, and make it a point that Kristin Kontrol is no different. In fact, She may be a key character in leading this movement from the underground up.

Kristin Welchez (aka Kristin Kontrol [formerly known as Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls]) Seems to have taken elements from every genre relative to the 80’s club life and managed to cram it into one album. Like her previous beloved project the Dum Dum Girls, Kristin takes nostalgic beats and rhythms that seem heavily influenced by British Pop to combine into something that only sounds vaguely modern. Unlike her feminine powered pop band however, the ‘punk’ elements have seem to of faded in the background. I mean it’s still there (sort of,) just hidden in the behind pumping square beats and sounds I swear are coming from a MOOG Synthesizer. Rest assured, this is not the only thing this album is about. To me it seems a bit reminiscent of Morrissey when he left The Smiths, albeit a bit more feminine and minus all the behind the scene drama . A bit ironic, don’t you think?

**cough** There is a light that never goes out **cough**

Judging from youtube comments (not the best source tbh) the biggest concerns coming from ‘fans’ (and I used that word loosely) is that she sold out in this album. I for one don’t see what their talking about. I think as diverse and nostalgic as it is it’s a good start to a fine solo career. Check out her single X-Communicate down below and be sure to check out the rest of the album to get your own opinion. It’s diverse enough to get any fans from oldie and indie-music lovers alike. Definitely worth a listen.

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