Silicon Tare– The Evolution of Com Truise

Silicon Tare– The Evolution of Com Truise

Behold, a world of VHS, square beats, nostalgic backdrops, and music that sounds as if being created right in the Tron Universe–

And no we’re not talking about Daft Punk. This is Seth Haley, aka Com Truise, and his latest EP is nothing to look past. Starting off with his Cyanide Sisters EP in 2010 on Ghostly International, the past 6 years have been wonderful to the Tom Cruise Spoonerism, blowing all of my expectations away. And although Cyanide Sisters was great a great introduction, what really got me hooked was his first full album Galactic Melt (2011.) VHS Sex has easily got to be somewhere in my top ten favorite songs. The heavy beat crunching and shaking through my Chevy Malibu as I drove to Robotic Wednesdays was nothing more than spectacular (and quite possibly even better than when I got to Robotic Wednesdays). Neon lights, old school science documentaries, and 80’s nightclubs are the first things to come to mind when thinking of what his music makes me see, and I can hear some obvious influence from Boards of Canada (albeit much heavier.) But enough about his older stuff, let’s get to his latest EP, Silicon Tare.

Let's make this simple

Just getting this out of the way.

The first word that comes to mind when starting this EP is Evolution.

Something about this release screeches advancement. The control of each rhythm and warped beat gives way to something nearing perfection. Slow and steady at first, it only begs to pick up speed, and as the song progresses one feels as if drifting through space with an even more futuristic Knight Rider. The production has definitely been fine tuned since Cyanide Sisters to say the least, as some of his most colorful and peculiar tempos beat through the speaker. For example, just listen to the first track Sunspot with a decent pair of headphones and be ready to be blown away. The music literally sounds as if its coming in every direction. It’s strange to throw 3d as an audio experience, but that really is one of the ways to describe it. It’s new, it sounds retro, and at the same time way ahead of it’s time. I feel like this is the beginning of something new for the Electronic Artist, and future production value will only push these masterpieces further. Keep doing what you do, Com.


Check out one of his latest tunes down below and see if you agree with what I’m saying.