Bronch- Double Vanity

It’s Broncho, not Bronco Dammit.

Slower than their past albums, Broncho’s 3rd album Double Vanity still shows progress of musical advancement while keeping a similar sound aesthetic. Yes it’s true, even indie bands can create Power Ballads. Of all it’s qualities, reverb is really one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of Broncho. Albeit overly used in many modern bands, few manage to pull it off so well. The only other relevant band I think that fully takes advantage of this quality is Beach Fossils.

That’s it; it’s official, and you’ve heard it here— Broncho is to the Midwest as Beach Fossils is to Brooklyn (respectively.)


Courtesy of Spin Magazine

No bias here or anything, but I’ve known Broncho since Try Me Out Sometime was their hit single.

And damn is that a catchy tune. Coming from their first album Can’t Get Past the Lips, it’s the kind of punk rock you could have with your morning coffee (if that makes sense.) There’s no doubt about it though that their second album Just Enough Hip to be Woman is really what got them to take off. With It’s On being featured on HBO’s Girls and Class Historian making it to many radio stations (and even Cartoon Network,) this is the album that got them known. It was  really cool when I started to hear them wherever I went.

One thing for sure is that it has been great watching them develop as a band. The first time I got the experience of them was when I got the opportunity to meet/ hang with them on tour while visiting the Hudson Valley, New York (Yes, NY is much more than NYC.) They even got to ride in my Creepy Minivan that had well over 300k miles on it’s engine (which I humbly named Vanimous 5.) Even weirdly enough, I ended up moving to Oklahoma City, just up the road from their hometown (Norman, OK.) Funny how things turn out sometimes. Now more than ever though I see the influence they had growing up here. The culture is so laid back compared to stress-assed NY and listening to them just makes sense now. Like, whatever it’s cool man. I can think of another certain band that has roots in Norman. It puts a smile on my face to see how local Okies rejoice in the band. Guestroom Records makes a special effort to have their Vinyl up on display. It’s a nice feeling and brings a sense of community. And more or less it feels sincere. Fuck the news and its negative stories, you’re pretty cool, OKC. And that’s coming from a gay man.

**Note to self, go to one of their damn shows they usually have around here**

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