Future Funk– Living Proof Disco will Never Die?

Future Funk– Living Proof Disco will Never Die?

We all know Vaporwave, don’t we?

That seemingly internet exclusive micro-genre, combining elements of lounge, smooth jazz, EDM, and elevator music? Central to the style is often a critical or satirical preoccupation with consumer capitalism, popular culture, and new-age tropes (thanks, Wikipedia.) Maybe I’ve spent a little too much time on the internet. Either or, Vaporwave has taken over a lot of elements of the web, with or without you knowing.  The aesthetic involved in this strange movement is quite the unique combo of both memphis style and 8-bit assembly. Throw in some Japanese characters and you’ve mastered the style of Vaporwave. Throw in some anime with Funk and Disco elements, however, and you just created Future Funk.

Taking it a step further, Future Funk takes the elevator elements out of Vaporwave and replaces it with something you’d want to dance to. It’s catchy loops in a lot of ways are comparable to the way hip-hop was developed, consistent and steadily building up as the song develops.  To say anyone is dancing to Future Funk yet? That’s questionable. Coming from the web, it’s still in its early stages, probably only listened to in people’s headphones. That’s not to say it’s nothing worth writing about. Quite the contrary; it may eventually inspire something that could hit a club near you.

Future Funk Will Never Die

Future Funk Will Never Die.

The real story here is that we’re coming back to an era of Funk and Disco.

And I’m truly convinced this is what they meant when they said Disco Will Never Die. But you know what? I’m ok with this. It sounds similar to artists like Daft Punk and Justice, and emulates a lot of relatable synths and production styles. And of course we can find a direct relation to much PC Artists coming from the UK. But it’s different. The movement is taking those sounds a step further and creating a league of its own. It’s tumblr inspired GIFs and dance ready beats are all candy to me. Lively lit, bright neon colors, and inspired by futuristic asian cities, the music being introduced on youtube is just fun. Sure it’s nerdy, being formed on the internet and presented with Japanese lyrics and subtle anime influences, but isn’t the internet one of the most perfect places for counterculture? I mean, the whole point of the web is to find people with similar interests, why wouldn’t the creation of content be its direct consequence? This is one of the reasons I created this blog, to record events I see happening such as this.

We even see previous dubstep artists take a stab at their version of the genre. Benga for instance, recently sent out a single on soundcloud titled Future Funk. I think that itself calls for some notice. To say Future Funk on its own will ever hit mainstream America is a little questionable; however it’s safe to say that funk seems to be coming back in a lot of aspects. Take Justin Timberlake’s latest single for instance. This is something I normally wouldn’t see myself writing about but in a time like this it’s all but necessary. It’s a push in the direction we’re going; so grab your brightest color clothes and get dancing. Or listen quietly on your headphones, whatever.

Please, by all means if any of this sits up your alley I urge you to check out some more artists on r/futurefunk. It’s certainly some music thats at least worth a try. Too lazy for that click? Here’s a whole playlist dedicated just for you. Let me know what you think in the comments below!