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Aphex Twin’s First Music Video in 17 years is Directed by a 12 year Old

A new video was posted today showing Aphex Twin’s latest single off his next EP Cheetah, making it his first Official Music video in 17 years! Even more interesting however is that is was directed by 12 year old Ryan Wyer, of Rush, County Dublin. Not that I wouldn’t expect Richard D. James to do something like this. The track seems to be following his new style from his last album, Syro; strangely held back and coming straight from the 90’s. Coming from his Soundcloud dump however, I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually made this song over 20 years ago. While many are complaining about this, there’s no doubt in my mind that he still can put on one hell of a show.

Check out the video on the official site or just watch below. Whatever. Leave a comment on what you think!